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Waiter! Pomegranate juice, please!!!!!!!!!!!

13 July 2009

The delicious pomegranate fruit is one the most important fruits that we should consider to have in our diet everyday. This fruit is harvested from the end of September up to the first fifteen days of January, but you can find it in every grocery during the whole year. The pomegranate was first planted in Persia and then it was sent in the Southern Balkans and after a few thousand years it became known for the rest of Asia and Europe. Since the first years when it was planted, pomegranate was used as a medicine. Only with the development of the medicine technologies it was concluded that pomegranate can "boost" your health. Lets mention some of the benefits of this divine fruit.
  • Prostate cancer: It is found that pomegranate juice if it is used frequently can slow down the development of cancer in the prostate.
  • Cholesterol: The pomegranate juice helps to raise the good cholesterol and lowers the bad one.
  • Lung cancer : Some studies made on animals show that pomegranate juice helps in preventing and stopping the development of lung cancer.
  • Alzheimer: Another benefit of pomegranate is that it might help in preventing Alzheimer's disease development.
  • Breast cancer: Pomegranate juice helps in preventing breast cancer cells forming and can also destroy those already formed.
These are some of the benefits that I included in this posts, but for your curiosity and information you can surf the web and find many more.

**( Note: The information provided above IS NOT that of a professional. So, in case you decide to use pomegranate as a cure please contact your physician. Thank you! )


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