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14 July 2009

Well, as human beings we are always in interaction we other people. Our life activity varies in different kinds and forms. As social beings we are always in touch with others of our kind, our relationships with them can affect us greatly and vice versa. Being always in activity, the social being called "man" is always in search of ones self, meaning that the man is always trying to know his/her position his world, he /she is eager to know what is his/her place in this planet called"home".

Seeking for the right answer the humanity many times faces great difficulties and crises, but it does not matter how greater these difficutlties are the man has always found the solutions because it is this that matters, "the solution".

Anyone of us might have encountered difficulties that really could have made us think about the " Road not taken",
but we should not regret the actions we have undertaken in our past hours, most of all we should try to look for the solution and the answer which should convince us that what we have done, that the road we have chosen is not the wrong one, but just a "road" with its pros and cons, "a road" that suggests us a lot of dos and don'ts, what matters is the fact that we should implement solutions, answers, advise and anything that can help us understand that though the "road" we took might seem wrong it can be "fixed" and it is better than the "road" not taken, but most of all we should bear in mind that IT IS OUR ROAD.


Thimbuktu Saturday, 25 July, 2009  

The blog topic is insightful indeed.


Moms_tweeparty Saturday, 25 July, 2009  

Many of you posts are topical, up-to-date, and witty.

This post, is eternal. You have the glimmerings of wisdom -- lets see more!

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