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Some examples o f learning styles!

22 June 2009

• Learning by feeling (concrete experience)
These types of learners tend to learn or acquire new information through experiencing it first. For instance, if the teacher asks a student: “Open the door, please!”, and shows toward the closed door, than the student will immediately understand the action required and through experiencing it himself/herself, he/she will have acquired a new expression.
• Learning by listening or seeing (observation)
These types of learners learn by listening the information from others or by seeing it somewhere. For instance, those students who does not to like to read to acquire a information and like to watch television, can use the television to acquire the information needed.So, if we give the photography of a cat to a child and repeat to him the word “cat” for several times and even write it for him/her, he/she afterwards will make the association of the word with the picture or vice versa. This kind of learner is called audio/visual learners. Often this kind of learners associate the information acquired with images and thus is said to have a photographic memory.

• Learning by thinking
These kinds of learners tend to think about the new information to which they are exposed. When the new information is being introduced to these learners, the learners tend to analyze it with their mind in order to understand it better. For example, if we give to a child the sentence “The dog is barking”, he or she will immediately analyze it, though the verb “bark” might be completely unknown for him or her. He or she will understand that the tense is present continuous, if he/she are previously acquainted with this tense, he/she will understand the reason why we use this tense.
• Learning by doing
“Learning by doing” learners tend to jump directly into practice, because they think that by doing something all by themselves they can learn better. For instance, a student that doesn’t know how to fill the register and wants to learn how to do that, thinks that he can learn it better through filling it all by himself, rather than listening to the teacher’s explanation.


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