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Is it easy to earn money online?

17 June 2009

Well...most of us that are acquainted with the world wide web might have tried to search for the answer of the question under discussion. Personally, I am one them.
at the very outset I thought that would be impossible to get paid only for clicking on others websites. I have made a research online about "Earning Easy Money" and I found out that it is POSSIBLE to earn money online. But as I already pointed out you should be well acquainted with WWW (World Wide Web) because there are also websites that are scams, meaning they fool you.
There are different ways how to make money online...and are quite easy. For example, anyone that has a website or a blog like this can publish ads (advertisments), and the person that visit the website or blog click on the published ads, thus giving some revenue to the web or blog owner ( you), but you are not going to be paid only if the visitors click on your site ads but also only by visiting your site. Of course do not expect to turn into a millionaire by the end of the week, month or year, but the passing of time you are going to earn hundreds of dollars. A site that could help you to monetize your website or blog is Adbrite (the site I am currently using to monetize my blog). If you want to try it just click this:

Adbrite is a very successful ads site that helps you to generate revenues.

Another way of generating money online is by taking surveys or clicking on other sites advertisments that are offered by certain companies. IT IS QUITE SIMPLE! All you have to do is to enter all the required information and also to have an online deposit with PayPal or AlertPay ( both are online money deposits and anyone can have them for free, they are necessary because the companies with send the money to them for you. They Are SAFE. Be sure of that). A few sites that I can recommend to you are the below mentioned, all you have to do is just to click on the link or to copy it and then paste on your web browser:

1. Progonati

The first to sites pays through AlertPay ,whereas the last one pays through checks.


Mizé Monday, 22 June, 2009  

Hello Andi.
Thanks for being my food blog´s follower.
You didn´t ask my opinion but I will give it anyway:
Don´t waste your time clicking ads in this type of websites, specially (scam). There are better ways to make a few extra bucks online than "GPT" sites. You will lose your precious time for only a few bucks.
Check out what I´m doing with my blog "Night Clicks" or NetSource. If you don´t understand what I´m doing there, just leave your e-mail contact and I will be glad to share my experiences. I´ve been trying to earn money online since September 2007. Currently, I make a few hundred bucks each month. My model is hard to reproduce but it works. Many others are doing he same.
Regards, Mizé.

Andi Progonati Monday, 13 July, 2009  

Thanx! I appreciate your opinion, nobody told me that those sites were scam.Thank you again!

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