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They affect our daily life!

25 May 2009

Those people who have kids, have faced the argument of having or not having a pet in their families. These request come either by their children or by themslves in order to improve the relationships within the family. In general terms having a pet at home is both troublesome and pleasant, but I will be focused more at the pleasant effects of owning a pet. Thus, through consulting many sources, books, magazines and websites I came accross these reasons why you should have a pet:
  1. Pets increase your sense of security.                                                                                       It does not matter if you have a member of the canine or feline family, both dogs and cats can increase the sense of security within you and your family.For instance, cats make sounds when an unwanted or unknown person is nearby whereas dogs, as the humans have conferred to them the title of the best loyal friend, can be your "buddy" when you decide to have a walk at night.
  2. Helps your children to increase the sense of responsibility.                                     When you have a pet in your house, requested by your children, it would be better if you ask your children to take care of the pet not because you want to get rid of it, but because this can teach your children to be responsible about their actions and living beings that are weaker then them.
  3. Preparing for parenthood. Owning a pet can be helpful to you as it can simplify your job of teaching your children, how difficult and wonderful at the same time is to be a parent. As it is stated at the secind point owning a pet teaches your kids how to take care of unprotected living beings.
  4. You can come into contact with other peoples.                                                             Through pets you can build relationships with other pet owners. There are different clubs, or when go for a walk in the park you can meet other people that have the same pet as yours or even different pets with whom  you can exchange experiences, stories and learn more about your or their pets in general.
  5. Giving and getting love.                                                                                              As human beings we are able to give affection and we feel better when we receive it. Animals are the perfect companions for the action of giving and getting love. Though you might be angry, mad, furious you will always find your dog or cat near you, he does not know at whom you are angry, your dog or cat is there to make you happy and to cool you down with his/her eyes.
  6. The last but not the least, pets are the best prescription for a good health.     All the pets have this divine ability, the ability of making their owners live happy and stressfree. Through owning a parrot, dog, cat even pig whatever you like and makes you feel happy, you are going to think less about what worries you. Pets make you not to see only black or white, they have the ability of adding colours to your life. Don't forget that the first prescription that the doctor gives to you is that of reducing stress, and the answer to this is: PETS, YEAH, PETS CAN REDUCE A GREAT AMOUNT OF YOUR DAILY STRESS.


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