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11 August 2009


I know that this article might piss you off, and the purpose of this blog is not to annoy you, but I know that one reason why you might be using traffic exchange sites is that of gaining many visitors at your site ,in order to make some extra money. So, I thought to share with you my experience, while making a research on the internet about earning some extra cash, I came across these PTC sites. At first I gave it a try, so I signed up to 10 or 20, but during the on going research I found that 99% of them were scam sites. But... surprisingly one of them appeared to be not a scam site, so I continued to work on then site with the idea that it is scam, I went on working on that site until the day of my payout came. When I clicked "cashout", I couldn't believe my eyes in my AlertPay account I had my payment from this site, 2 $. Today I have more than 70 $. I know that you might think I am just fooling around , but I am not, the only reason I wrote this post is that I just wanted to help all those that are willing to make some extra cash online. If you really want to join that site, sign up by clicking this picture


ana Friday, 07 January, 2011  


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